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Morris Appraisal, Inc.

Your Trusted Appraisers in Prescott WI, Hastings Woodbury Cottage Grove MN

And surrounding communities.

Certified Residential Appraiser Minnesota # 20024991 Wisconsin #924-9


Dorothea Morris is a Certified Real Estate Appraiser located in Prescott, Wisconsin. Formerly worked with Most Appraisals and Associates of Hastings, MN 55033  As the owner of Morris Appraisals, Inc she provides residential appraisal services to banks, savings and loans, mortgage companies, government entities, investors, attorneys, and individual clients. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate field providing ethical and quality service to clients you can be assured your home appraisal will be completed quickly and accurately.

Home appraisal is part of applying for a home equity loan, refinancing, or selling your property for a good price. The job of a home appraiser is to evaluate your property and calculate the most reasonable selling price. A detailed Home Appraiser forms the foundation for determining how much money a bank might lend you.

A home appraiser is licensed by the state. Unlike a real estate agent we have no vested interest in the amount a home sells for. We will provide you with an unbiased and informed opinion as to the value of a home. The home appraiser is not usually affiliated with a lender but a lender will often have an appraiser in your area that they normally use. An objective Home Appraiser, like Dorothea Morris, will do their job with an impartial mind.

Dorothea Morris has completed the required courses prior to certification. She has years of experience in handing home appraisals. You can expect quick and efficient reports from Morris Appraisals, Inc.

When you need a Home Appraisal, just like in Real Estate, the key is location, location, location. Morris Appraisal, Inc. has extensive experience with Residential Appraisals in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The areas we are knowledgeable in include but are not limited to Pierce County, including Prescott, Wisconsin. We are also experienced in Dakota County, Washington County, Minnesota, including but not limited to the cities of Hastings, Woodbury and Cottage Grove.

As certified appraisers, we have the education and qualifications to provide the type of reliable home values that banks and major lending institutions require for home loans. And with years of experience behind us, we're prepared to handle a variety of property including FHA and relocations.